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Financials are the core of an economy and make up a chunk of the listed universe. Financials don’t just stop at banks. They include non-banking companies, small banks, insurance companies and asset management companies. In short, it is everything from borrowing to expand business, borrowing to buy homes, cars and appliances and to investing.

To ride the banking theme, we’ve put together funds and ETFs.
You can choose to invest in any of these, or blend an ETF with a fund.

Fund Name Remarks
ICICI Prudential Banking & financial Services Fund Broad-based fund that invests in banks, NBFCs, and financial services. Chosen for its ability to capture rallies in the banking theme
Nippon India ETF Bank Bees A market index that represents the banking system. A lower-risk route to playing the theme.
ICICI Prudential Private Banks ETF A market index devoted to private sector banks, if you believe they are more nimble than their government-owned counterparts. A recently launched ETF that may have volume troubles.
Nippon India ETF PSU Bank Bees A market index representing PSU banks, if you believe this beleaguered segment is ripe for a rally.

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