Prime Recommendation: 2 Debt funds to limit current market volatility

For those of you spooked by the continuing volatility in debt funds, our earlier article would have explained why these ups and downs prevail now. If you have money to be deployed or profits booked out of equities and waiting in the sidelines, you may hesitate to deploy it in this debt market condition.
To speak the truth, there are no categories other than overnight and liquid that are spared from the current volatility. However, if one looks at it on a relative basis, select funds from ultra-short, low duration and money market have held on, notwithstanding the see-saw.

Investing in turbulent times

Just as the Indian stock market was taking a breather from recent worries about the slowdown, two new cases of Coronavirus infections have sent it into renewed paroxysms of volatility. Here’s attempt to answer top-of-mind questions from investors on how they should deal with this phase.

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