value investing
Investment basics
N V Chandrachoodamani

Value Investing – With 2 accurate case studies!

Value investing is often mistaken for buying ‘cheap’ stocks. Therefore, you often simply look for a stock with a low PE ratio, or a low price to book value or with good dividend yield. These are easy ways to assess the relative value of a company. But value investing is not about buying companies that appear cheap based on these parameters. Value investing is a philosophy of buying a company at a price that is lower than its intrinsic value.

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dhandho investor
Srikanth Meenakshi

“The Dhandho investor” – A review

We’ve heard of fusion music, we’ve heard of fusion cuisine, so why not a fusion book?

Colour me naive, but when I picked up ‘The Dhandho Investor’ – a book with an Indian author and an Indian name, I thought it would be about Indian markets and for Indian investors. It was not. Although the author is Indian, and there are many ‘Indian’ anecdotes in the book, it is aimed at an American audience.

But that should not stop you from grabbing it and reading it. It’s a delightful book – expertly written with ideas that you can use in any free market economy.

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