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Nifty Sectoral Indices: Outperformers & the promising ones

Even as the Sensex and the Nifty 50 scale new highs, how have the individual nifty sectoral indices performed? In this post, we’ll take a look at the sectoral indices in order to identify the outperforming and underperforming sectors. We shall also try to unearth the ones that are setting up well and could end up being the next outperforming sector. 

Technical outlook – An update on the Nifty 50

We have been publishing updates on the Nifty 50 outlook. You can read the most recent update on the Nifty 50 outlook here. In this article, we take another look at the index. In the previous update, we had mentioned that the outlook for Nifty 50 was positive, and the expectation was a rise to the targets at 16,695 & 18,630.

Can the rally continue in the mid-and-smallcap index?

While the benchmark Nifty 50 index has been confined to a broad trading range, the broader markets or the mid-cap and small-cap universe has been buzzing with action. Let us take a closer look at the current trend and the near-term outlook for the Nifty MidSmallcap 400 Index. We have covered this index in an earlier article, and we take a relook now.

Technical outlook: Is there steam left in mid-and-small caps?

The benchmark Nifty 50 index has been drifting lower since February 16, 2021 when it recorded a high of 15,431.8. While there has been some recovery in the past few weeks, the real action has shifted to the broader markets. Lots of stocks from the mid-cap and small-cap sectors have continued to seek higher levels even as the Nifty 50 index has been struggling in a broad range.

Technical outlook: Identifying the sectors to focus on and the sectors to avoid

The Nifty 50 index has drifted lower recently and has lost close to 8% from the high of 15,431 recorded on February 16, 2021. But though the Nifty 50 has slipped to lower levels, there are quite a few sectors that have delivered positive returns during this period. So, what are the sectors to focus on (and what are the ones to avoid)? Let’s find out.

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