Are equity markets overheated
N V Chandrachoodamani

Are equity markets overheated?

Are equity markets overheated?  Is it time to book profits or is it actually a good time to invest given the exuberance? These may be just some of the questions running through the minds of investors.  This article delves into various factors to assess whether the stock market is indeed over-valued, what could go wrong with markets at rich valuations and what investors can do to protect their wealth.

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Nifty Sectoral Indices
B Krishnakumar

Nifty Sectoral Indices: Outperformers & the promising ones

Even as the Sensex and the Nifty 50 scale new highs, how have the individual nifty sectoral indices performed? In this post, we’ll take a look at the sectoral indices in order to identify the outperforming and underperforming sectors. We shall also try to unearth the ones that are setting up well and could end up being the next outperforming sector. 

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profit booking
Research Reports
PrimeInvestor Research Team

Prime Strategies: Is it time for profit booking?

These are the worst of times for businesses. But the equity markets think otherwise. Dancing to a tune that only the stock market hears, the Nifty has clocked an all-time high PE. Should you rejoice or view this with caution?

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Nifty 50 returns
Mutual funds & ETFs
Bhavana Acharya

Prime Q&A: Should I alter asset allocation based on the Nifty PE ratio?

The Nifty PE ratios are an indicator of market valuations. And we have seen that crashes have happened when the Nifty PE is at 27-28 times, and that investing when Nifty PE is below average results in stronger long-term return. If this is the case, can I use the Nifty PE levels to decide asset allocation levels to book profit at the right times?

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market correction
Vidya Bala

Prime Data Crunch: How deep is the nifty correction?

When you look at picking stocks, the future prospects of the stock, its valuation and fundamentals must play a large role. But in times such as the present crisis, none of these is complete without looking at the market correction itself. So, let’s take stock of where the correction stands and how it compares with the last rally seen.

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