Prime MF Screener
Vidya Bala

Prime MF Screener – your own research tool to screen mutual funds

Introducing Prime MF Screener (beta now) – a research screener that empowers you like no other MF retail research tool in India. Prime MF Screener is a research tool that will help you screen mutual funds using key performance parameters as well as portfolio parameters. The end objective can be to either choose funds for investing, to make decisions on exiting or simply review performance and quality of your funds vis-à-vis peers/benchmark. 

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mutual fund returns
Investment basics
Srikanth Meenakshi

Understanding mutual fund returns

When it comes to mutual fund returns, two things are true for most mutual fund investors:

It is the most important thing for them
It is among the least understood set of concepts

An advisor may talk about all the nuances of mutual fund investments to an investor – risk mitigation, balancing, diversification, down-side protection etc – but at the end of the day, the person would only care about how much he/she would end up making.

And yet, when it comes to reading and understanding returns, they could make elementary mistakes. For example, once when I recommended an investor invest in a scheme for 5 years for optimal benefit, he said he would invest in it for a year, because “the fund has better 1-year return than 5-year return” – obviously going by the most recent numbers.

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MF Returns data
Mutual funds & ETFs
Bhavana Acharya

Using MF returns data: the wrong ways

There are several ways to look at MF returns data, and not all of them are correct. And investors – novice to seasoned – often make mistakes in this regard. Many a time, they look at wrong data or look at right data and draw wrong conclusions.

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