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Anush Raj P

SIP in stocks

With more retail investors wanting to get in on the action happening in the stock markets, SIP in stocks have been gaining popularity as it allows investors to buy stocks in reasonable quantities with time, even if they cannot spare a large sum in one go. What is an SIP in stocks, how does it work, how does an SIP in stocks stack up against a lump sum investment? Should you make an SIP in stocks your preferred route to investing in equity?

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daily vs weekly vs monthly sips
Mutual funds & ETFs
Bipin Ramachandran

Daily, weekly, or monthly SIPs – which is the best?

Could upping the frequency with which you run your SIPs net you better returns? The primary aspect you look at in SIPs is that it helps invest across different market levels and therefore averages your investment cost down. If that’s the case, it follows that making very frequent investments will help capture more market volatility than just once-in-a-month investing.

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