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Aarati Krishnan

FAQs on building a stock portfolio

Building a stock portfolio is not easy, but it’s not terribly hard either. Aarati Krishnan gives useful pointers in this QA article on building a stock portfolio.

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Mutual funds & ETFs
Bhavana Acharya

Should you invest in balanced advantage funds now?

If you watched any cricket in the past few days, you could not have missed the ad from a prominent fund house, extolling the virtues of (their) balanced advantage funds. Whether its AMCs, fund managers, media, or your neighbour, the advice is that the best way to manage current markets is to add a balanced advantage/dynamic asset allocation fund to your portfolio. Should you?

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profit booking
Research Reports
PrimeInvestor Research Team

Prime Strategies: Is it time for profit booking?

These are the worst of times for businesses. But the equity markets think otherwise. Dancing to a tune that only the stock market hears, the Nifty has clocked an all-time high PE. Should you rejoice or view this with caution?

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Waiting for the right opportunity
PrimeInvestor Research Team

Prime Strategy: At what Nifty levels should you be investing?

Given that the Nifty50 is busy taking out new lows with stunning rapidity, what are the Nifty levels at which the market gets really cheap, or attractive to invest lumpsums in? This strategy note is an attempt to answer this question

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Right time 
Investment basics
PrimeInvestor Desk

When is it a good time to invest?

It’s always a good time to invest! So ask not the question. Instead, here’s what you should ask – “Where should I invest?” This will answer your timing question, indirectly. But here’s why we say it’s always the right time to invest.

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