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International funds – what are your options now?

Funds investing internationally were the flavour of the season all of last year. That changed in February this year, when funds hit the ceiling set by the Reserve Bank on how much they could invest in overseas securities. When we first explained the scenario, expectations were that this cap would be increased in due course and international funds could open up again.

An update on Parag Parikh Flexi Cap and investing internationally

In January, mutual funds investing overseas came up to a roadblock. As we had explained at the time on these curbs on international funds, Reserve Bank rules limit the amount mutual funds as a whole can invest in foreign securities. The cap stands at $7 billion for all foreign securities other than ETFs and $1 billion for ETFs. That $7 billion mark was close to being breached. And so, SEBI directed international funds to close off fresh subscriptions until a new limit could be worked out with the RBI. Please read our earlier article on this subject to understand the background.

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