regular and direct expense ratios
Vidya Bala

Regular and Direct expense ratios – 3 ways to compare

When you compare the regular and direct expense ratios of mutual funds, how do you decide something is expensive or not? At PrimeInvestor, we have a new tool to help you make this comparison. But the tool alone can’t help you decide. This article will tell you how to use it effectively and what other factors should go into deciding your choice of plan.

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expense ratio
Mutual funds & ETFs
Srikanth Meenakshi

Mutual fund expense ratio – what it is, how it works

The mechanism of expense ratios in mutual funds is a befuddling topic for many investors. Over the years, questions associated with expense ratios have been among the most frequent that I have answered.

This essay is an attempt to answer questions on this topic in a patient and clear manner. But before we find out how it works, let’s understand a bit of what it is.

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