Which ETFs can be part of your portfolio?

The world of passive investment options is a growing one, and the ETFs available now number over 100. 

Because passive investing has gained such a name for itself, you may think that anything passive is a great investment. No. There are ETFs which make good investments and those that do not, just like with active funds. 

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Prime Recommendation – An ETF for uncertain markets

The Nifty 50 has rallied 16% in 1 year, the Nifty 50 PE is breaking past peaks, and you’re worried that this may be the end of the party and that you may miss further rallies if it isn’t the end. In uncertain markets like these, there’s a great option to both contain losses and generate returns.

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Prime Review: DSP Quant fund

Active funds or index funds is a call that continues to remain elusive in the Indian context. While that debate goes on, there is another emerging class of funds – not too active not fully passive. They are quant funds.

Quarterly Review – What’s in and what’s out in Prime ETFs?

We have made our quarterly review and changes to our list of recommended ETFs – Prime ETFs. Before we move to the changes, a brief note on how we pick our ETFs. We start with comparing indices on which ETFs are built. We look at them from their ability to consistently deliver, contain downsides and beat peers and even active funds.

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Bharat Bond ETF – facts to know before you invest

The Bharat Bond ETF will open on December 12 and close on the 20th. Most of you would have read about the ETF in the news. PrimeInvestor had briefly covered it last week, where we discussed the emergence of a new class of debt ETF. With all the details about the Bharat Bond ETF now out, let us move to specifics about the Bharat Bond ETF from Edelweiss AMC.

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