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How are deposits, bonds and debt funds taxed?

Deposits, bonds and debt funds are great ways to diversify one’s portfolio. But the taxation on these instruments can decide whether an option is attractive or unattractive on a post-tax basis. Taxation, though varies across instruments and can be quite complex. The fact that not all debt instruments are taxed in the same way compounds the decision making dilemma on which option to choose. This write-up will break down the taxation aspect of popular debt instruments for resident individuals.

Four passive debt funds to invest right now

Not so long ago, if debt investors in India wanted to get a 7% plus return, they had to go to post office schemes with (poor service and) a long lock-in period like the PPF or GOI Floating Rate Savings Bonds with a 7-year lock-in period. These options, apart from the difficulty of accessing them, required investors to sacrifice liquidity for returns. 

Prime Debt outlook 2022 – Interesting times ahead for debt investors

So what’s ahead for the prime debt outlook 2022? Do we expect rates to now sidle sideways or to continue their climb? Though the onset of Omicron may see the MPC continue to make dovish noises and delay repo rate hikes as much as it can, we think that market interest rates will continue to climb in 2022 irrespective of whether or not MPC acts.

Prime Strategy: How to invest in debt funds now?

Prime Strategy: How to invest in debt funds now?
If you had invested in an ultra-short debt fund like Axis Treasury Advantage 3 years ago, your returns would be 7.3% CAGR now. Not bad at all by today’s standards, right? If you invested in the same fund 2 years ago in November 2019, your returns would be 6% – still not terrible. But what if you had invested in this fund just a year ago?

5 ways to de-risk your equity funds, without cashing out

one good way to de-risk your equity fund portfolio from a market fall would be to switch from funds following a momentum style of investing to those following a value or contrarian style or funds with a value-oriented approach. Value funds typically buy fundamentally sound companies that trade at a discount to their intrinsic value in the markets.

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