Keeping up with the cryptos – Will ETH dethrone BTC as the largest crypto in 2023?

13.4 million% returns. I’m not joking. That’s the price move of Bitcoin (BTC) in the last decade between 2011 – 2021. Now you know why you’ve been hearing so much about crypto in recent years and also the reason behind many millennials and Gen Z kids flocking towards these virtual digital currencies. In traditional finance, one has to take a 30% additional risk and invest in moderate risk equity mutual funds for an additional 5 -10% returns that equity might deliver over and above the risk-free rate.

Keeping up with the cryptos  – Are stable coins really stable?

Stable coins are simple crypto tokens that essentially mimic a stable currency like the Dollar, Euro, Pound, etc. According to, there are about 10+ stablecoins that have a market cap of over $700 Million USD. Leading the pack are USDT (Tether USD) and USDC (USD Coin) with a market cap of $83 Billion USD and $48 Billion USD respectively.

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