Keeping up with the cryptos – Will ETH dethrone BTC as the largest crypto in 2023?

13.4 million% returns. I’m not joking. That’s the price move of Bitcoin (BTC) in the last decade between 2011 – 2021. Now you know why you’ve been hearing so much about crypto in recent years and also the reason behind many millennials and Gen Z kids flocking towards these virtual digital currencies. In traditional finance, one has to take a 30% additional risk and invest in moderate risk equity mutual funds for an additional 5 -10% returns that equity might deliver over and above the risk-free rate.

Keeping up with the cryptos  – Are stable coins really stable?

Stable coins are simple crypto tokens that essentially mimic a stable currency like the Dollar, Euro, Pound, etc. According to, there are about 10+ stablecoins that have a market cap of over $700 Million USD. Leading the pack are USDT (Tether USD) and USDC (USD Coin) with a market cap of $83 Billion USD and $48 Billion USD respectively.

30% Crypto tax

The 30% Crypto tax is the Indian government at its passive aggressive best (or worst, depending on your view point). The text of this tax law coupled with what the finance minister said in the post-budget interview leads me to think that the government holds the crypto ecosystem in absolute disdain.

Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Occasionally, we get questions at PrimeInvestor about investing in cryptocurrencies. Unsurprisingly, these questions arrive at a higher frequency when these currencies are trading higher and making rapid up-moves. As they are doing now. BitCoin is trading at higher than $56,000, more than 700% up in one year. And there is the new DogeCoin which has …

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