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Invest into what you believe in
Whether you’re looking for a portfolio built around themes, or investment strategies you believe in, we have a solution for you.

Why Theme Park

You might be an informed investor, aware of market trends and which sectors or themes can do well. But putting this knowledge into action can be challenging sometimes. Theme Park helps you overcome this, via the mutual fund and ETF route. 

We have chosen themes, sectors, and strategies that are popular or have potential to outperform. And you can play a role too, by telling us what you believe in! 

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Theme park 

What it has

5 sectors/themes and 5 investment strategies. Each features a set of mutual funds and ETFs, that we’ve picked by looking at portfolios, strategies, and a variety of other metrics.  Provides a mix of investing styles even within the themes, helping you maximise the opportunity.

How this is different

Theme Park is not a portfolio of funds and ETFs. Nor is it evergreen and tied to your goals. Theme Park helps you turn your conviction into opportunities, and diversify your risks although you take specific bets. Theme Park is not restricted to equities – it also has unique debt ideas.

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