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Session by Vidya Bala

A webinar on

Building your MF portfolio right – tips, tricks and traps explained

A webinar on

Building your MF portfolio right – tips, tricks, and traps explained

Why you need this session

  • They told you that asset allocation was important. They didn’t tell you debt funds could fall worse than equity funds sometimes!  
  • They told you that you need  a large-cap, a multi-cap and mid-cap. They never told you that they may all go down at once! 
  • They told you that diversification was needed. They never told you how to diversify!

PrimeInvestor is here to fill that gap for you. We’re here to tell you how to
build the right portfolio!

About the session

In this webinar, we’ll share with you our frank thoughts on:
  • How to build an asset allocated portfolio for different time frames?
  • How to build a goal-based portfolio?
  • What equity strategy can be mixed and matched to get the optimal portfolio
  • Should you diversify across AMCs?
  • How to choose the right combination of funds in debt?
  • Should your debt strategy be constant or subject to change?
  • How many funds you really need?
  • Should you really have a fund from each category to make your portfolio diversified?

About Vidya Bala

Vidya Bala is a co-founder of where she leads Research and product. She has more than 2 decades of experience in analysing mutual funds and creating portfolios for a variety of needs and customer profiles.

Vidya helped build one of the country’s earliest robo-advisory solutions in the country in her earlier role at FundsIndia. She believes in not just providing the right solutions for investors but also taking ownership for the same and following up or changing course when the situation warrants.

Vidya is known in the media for her straight talk and, calling out bad products.


Building your MF portfolio right – tips,
tricks and traps explained

View this great webinar:

  • Data presents a different story from what you believe.
  • Knowing return trends helps you make better decisions
  • Understanding what you’re investing in empowers you

This webinar will teach you all this. And more.

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  • Entire webinar recording
  • Q&A session with real-life questions and solutions
  • Webinar presentation deck, with data you won’t find elsewhere
  • 66-page practical guide to build and maintain a great portfolio
portfolio book

Comments from attendees of past webinars

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